🎧 Notable podcasts

A podcast player for easy note taking

Every time you hit pause, a note gets automatically created

Tim Ferriss show, or North Star podcast are packed with insights that I want to remember. I would work out, run or drive a car and a life-changing revelation would be lost forever.

Every headset or stereo has a pause button. If only I could mark timestamps using that button...

Here is how it works:

  1. You input audio file URL (every episode has one)
  2. App starts playing
  3. Every time you hit ⏸ pause, timestamp is created
  4. You can add your ✍️ own notes
  5. You can export your timestamps to a CSV file
  6. Coming soon: automatic transcription of your timestamps

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This is an Open Source project. If you have ideas or requests, pull requests are open!

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